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Exam software optimized for the highest-stakes exams For Mac and Windows

Highest reliability

On the highest-stakes exams, there is one absolute priority for exam software—it can’t fail.

Exam4 is rigorously focused on maximum reliability, honed over decades of success on law school and state bar (lawyer licensing) exams.

Unimpeachable integrity

Our exclusive, patented Confirmation Number system assures the absolute integrity of submitted exam files.

Lowest stress

Exam4 has all the functions and features administrators and examinees need, while scrupulously rejecting the complications and risk of frivolous bells-and-whistles.

Straightforward operation minimizes technical support issues, and smooth-running software reduces exam day stress.

Respect for privacy

Privacy protection has become a major issue, especially with the spread of remote exams during the pandemic. Extegrity’s privacy policy—like our engineering, support and other standards—is straightforward and uncompromising. We minimize or avoid collection and retention of personal information, and we will never sell it.

Complete exam software solution

  • Create a secured workspace, block disallowed material
  • Protect with frequent autosaves and backups
  • Encrypt and lock exam files for integrity
  • Streamline file collection, management and distribution (plus LMS integration)
  • Provide exceptional administrator and user support

Maximum expertise

Extegrity is a unique, highly-specialized expert developer of exam software. Our founder wrote the original specification for law school exam software in 1996, which quickly became the standard across US law schools and state bar exams. Exam4 has been used on many millions of exams at top institutions worldwide for more than two decades.

Remote exam tools

  • Full-featured remote exam system, with flexible question delivery and timing tracking, including accommodations and deferrals.
  • Remote monitoring via Exam4EMS (Environment Monitoring System).

Zero compromise

Exams are stressful enough.

Extegrity’s engineering, operations, support and management teams have a single focus—stress-free exams, no matter how high the stakes.

More information

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