About Extegrity

We've been around from the very beginning

Extegrity's CEO, Greg Sarab, is a founding father of the exam software concept. He has been involved with exams on computers since 1995, when he helped the University of California—Hastings College of the Law, his alma mater, implement one of the first such procedures.

Greg quickly realized the opportunity for exam software and co-founded SWA Software (later Examsoft), makers of the original Examinator. He left that company in 1998 and started Extegrity with his ideas for a better solution.

We know how to deliver a great software experience

Extegrity leverages Mr. Sarab's many years working with law school and bar exam administrators — and his talents as a designer, inventor and innovator in several fields — with the efforts of an exceptional team of programmers and specialized customer service staff.

We bring you an elegant software solution for secure exams. Exam4 is lightweight and stable, and it's concise architecture allows us to respond quickly to changes in the exam environment and the Macintosh / Windows operating systems.

We are proud to be well-known for our flexibility and responsiveness. Contact us today for a demonstration.