How do I uninstall prior versions of Exam4?


  1. Trash all versions of the Exam4 app from your Applications folder.
  2. Trash all versions of the installer file (starts with "Exam4", ends with ".dmg") from your Downloads folder.
  3. Right click on any Exam4 icons on your dock, choost "Options", then "Remove from Dock".
  4. Remove the Network Helper Tool. See:


In the search bar or Start menu, enter "Add or Remove Programs". In the "Search Apps" field, enter "Exam4". Find it in the list, then click the dots (...) and choose "Uninstall".

You can also uninstall manually:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Extegrity or C:\Program Files (x86)\Extegrity > delete the Exam4 folder.
  2. Go to desktop -> Start menu > delete Exam4 icons (red "e") and any download files (icon looks like a clamp).

IMPORTANT: Do not delete your exam files and submittal receipts until you've received your exam assessments!

Exam file location:

  • Mac: ~/Library/Caches/Exam4
  • Windows: C:\Exam40

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