Where do I find my exam files on my computer?

Your exam files and submittal receipts are kept in a separate location from the Exam4 software.

To view a list of your exams or a submittal receipt, or to re-submit an exam:

  • Open Exam4
  • Choose "Select existing exam"
  • Select the desired exam
  • Click on [View Exam Submittal Receipt]


NOTE: You can submit your exam from this screen by selecting your exam and clicking the "Submit Electronically" button.

To go DIRECTLY to the exam files folder on your computer:

  • Open Exam4.
  • Choose "Select existing exam".
  • Click on [Open Exam Files in Finder] on your Mac, or [Open Exam Files in Explorer] on your Windows machine.


The folder will open in a Finder or Explorer window.

NOTE: You are responsible for keeping these files until you receive the results of your exam. Extegriity recommends backing up this folder to external storage.

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