Why is my in-exam question document cut-off? (Windows)

If you're using a Windows computer and having ALL of these issues while trying to view the question document from inside Exam4 :

  • The right-side or bottom of the document is cut-off
  • The complete text cannot be seen
  • Using the magnifier slide or reset button at the bottom of the screen or either of the scroll bars does not allow you to see all the text


... then you likely will have to change the "scaling" in the "Display Settings" on your PC:

  • Type "Display Settings" into the search window at the lower left of your screen and click where it says "Display Settings" on the right side of the pop--up window:
  • Find "Scale and layout", and change the scaling factor - try 100%.
  • If the box is grayed out, you may have to click on "turn off custom scaling" first to make this adjustment.


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