"Best Practices" and things to know for a smooth experience with Exam4

It is very important to follow best practices for smooth operation of Exam4:

  • Turn off auto-updates.
  • Make no major changes to your computer during an exam cycle (i.e., operating system upgrades, new security software)
  • Take a practice exam after downloading Exam4, installing any other software, updating your operating system.
  • Shut off all programs running in the background.
  • Reboot the machine shortly before each exam and open only the software necessary for the exam. (Mac users: UN-check "reopen windows when logging back in")
  • For bar exam users, take an additional practice exam a few days before sitting your exam to ensure that no changes have been made to your computer that could affect your exam.
  • You are responsible for reproducing your exam files upon demand by your institution. You must maintain them until you receive your assessments. We highly recommend backing them up to external storage.

Important to keep in mind after your exam -

  • You can see a list of your completed exams, check if a file has submitted by viewing your receipt, submit again if you have to, or locate your exam files on your computer. Click > Review and manage completed exams
  • You are responsible for maintaining and producing your exam files if requested by your school or exam jurisdiction. We strongly suggest backing them up to another storage device.


Where to get help:

We have an extensive searchable FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

  • Click > https://www.exam4.com/support/
  • Use the search box - or scroll down to see the most common questions, or use the support form to contact us if you can't find your answer.
  • Thoroughly read ALL communications from your institution regarding your exams - procedures or requirements may change between exam cycles and vary from course to course.
  • NOTE: You must download a new installation of your school's version of Exam4 for each exam cycle.

Video help for Schools:

Video help for Bar Exams:

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